Legendary reliability and durability combined with remarkable performance and worldwide customer support make NAIAD Stabilizers the first choice among the worldís most experienced yachtsmen. Unrivaled experience base in yachts of every description. Click here to learn why NAIAD is often imitated but never duplicated.

From our landmark Hydro-Mechanical Gyroscope (HMG), which set a new standard in yachting comfort and revolutionized the small yacht industry, to our advanced electronic Angle, Velocity, Acceleration controls, to the most sophisticated digital Ride Control Systems, NAIAD has the perfect control to match your system performance needs. Click to find out more. For existing systems click on Field Conversions.

NAIAD thrusters offer so much more than typical thrusters. Highly skewed seven-blade stainless steel propeller for quiet, highly efficient performance. Highest quality materials and workmanship throughout. Each unit rigorously tested under full load. Handsome compact reservoir modules with integral manifolds eliminate loose components and their interconnecting piping. Experience base of several thousand units. Guaranteed leak-proof, click to find out why.



Robust design for the commercial market, made affordable for the discriminating yachtsmen thanks to NAIADís in-house state-of-the-art manufacturing expertise. High-load matched-ground bevel gears, heavy-duty bearings and cavitation tunnel tested performance. Hydraulic or AC electric motor drive options. PLC controls. Standard sizes in aluminum and stainless steel to suit any hull material. 

(This isnít your fatherís hydraulic system.) Given any combination of independent shipboard hydraulic systems, NAIAD routinely designs a single well-configured package to provide hydraulic power, hydraulic fluid filtration, and system cooling to suit each device. 
Naiad HHydraulic Power Pack

Naiad designed Hydraulic Power Packs contain everything required to supply hydraulic power independent of the main engines.

Each Power Pack contains one or two electric motors with hydraulic pump(s), an ample reservoir, fluid filtration and cooling, control valves, electronic fluid sensors, and a hydraulic noise silencer all in an attractive package with yacht quality fit and finish.

Because the Power Packs are designed and built by Naiad, each unit is custom configured to suit the particular project. This assures that you will not receive a power pack that is over priced, or under powered for your application.

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