For vessels from 180-280ft (54-85m)

The NAIAD Model 820 Fin Actuator Assembly is designed for efficiency, power and rugged reliability. It is supplied completely factory tested under pressure, assembled and ready for installation including all required hardware and fittings. Unlike other systems, no disassembly is required for installation. NAIAD Fin Actuator Assemblies are recognized the world over as the industry standard for excellence.

The hardened and passivated stainless steel fin shaft, supported by dual heavy-duty tapered roller bearings within a reinforced cast and machined housing, features a precision-machined self-locking taper for secure connection with the fin on one end, and a high capacity splined connection to the torque arm on the inboard end. This installer-friendly design allows the Assembly to be mounted in any convenient angular (360) orientation. Two powerful double acting hydraulic cylinders rapidly and accurately position the torque arm, shaft and fin, as commanded by the stabilizer's control system, using electro-hydraulic servo valves with closed-loop continuous electronic fin position feedback. Triple lower shaft seals mounted in a stainless steel retainer keep the factory-applied severe duty marine bearing grease in and seawater out. Guaranteed leak proof, NAIAD seals benefit from the extraordinarily precise machined fits obtained in NAIAD's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. The Model 820 is built to last and is virtually maintenance-free.

NAIAD Fin Actuators: Powerful, Reliable and easy to Install!

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