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An anchored yacht subjected to a swell (long waves) with a frequency at or near the yachtís natural roll period will roll unpleasantly. NAIADís Stabilization AtRest (at Anchor) system detects this rolling with a very sensitive motion sensor package. The controller processes the signals from the motion sensor package and commands a calibrated signal to electro-hydraulic servo valves causing immediate rotation of the fins, which generate a substantial force. By timing the fin movement in perfect phase with the roll motion (acceleration, angular speed and deceleration) a righting moment is applied to the vessel, which dampens the vesselís tendency to roll. 
To optimize the overall effectiveness of these systems, NAIAD offers specially designed fins with a different planform and aspect ratio. The fins also include our Tip Fence to maximize the efficiency of the fins. In addition, the fins feature significant internal structural reinforcement to allow them to withstand the additional load endured in AtRest operation. These larger, specially shaped fins require higher operational torque, which is easily provided by NAIAD Fin Actuator Assemblies and hydraulic circuits. 


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