After Roll, Pitch is typically the second most uncomfortable motion experienced aboard most monohulls. With catamarans and other multi-hull forms, Pitch may be a leading concern. 

While Roll Stabilization systems most often use fins to produce the required roll damping forces, a Ride Control System coordinates multiple control surfaces for true Multi-Axis vessel control of Roll and Pitch, and in some cases, Yaw and other undesirable vessel motions. Dramatic reductions in each of these vessel motions can be realized by combining conventional fins with other control surfaces such as articulated T-Foils, trim tabs, interceptors, even the rudders. 

Different combinations of control surfaces are used for different vessels depending on the hull form and objectives of managing vessel motions. Optimum ride control performance is achieved by accurately phasing the movement of each control surface with respect to the combined motions of the vessel. This complex problem requires a highly sophisticated, flexible and expandable control system. Proven digital closed-loop control systems that fully meet these demanding requirements are available from Naiad Dynamics.

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