Range & Performance. NAIAD offers the largest production range of hydrodynamically efficient fins - from 3 ft2 (0.3 m2) to over 65ft2 (6.0 m2). Featuring a planform and foil configuration proven and optimized over 25 years, NAIADís standard fins deliver maximum lift with minimum drag over an exceptionally wide range operating angles and speeds.


Construction. Carefully constructed of the finest materials, NAIADís standard fins are incredibly strong. Each finís fiberglass composite shell is suitably reinforced and then filled with special closed cell syntactic foam specifically designed for marine duty. A precision-machined stainless steel tapered internal reinforcing structure allows each fin to be installed quickly and with infinite radial positioning. NAIAD fins are field interchangeable.

Optional Tip Fences. Trailing vortices are formed by the communication of high and low-pressure regions across the lifting surfaces over the fin tips. NAIAD tip fences re-distribute the strength of the trailing vortices, effectively reducing the induced drag of the fins.

Custom Shapes. NAIAD offers a comprehensive range of custom fin configurations. From reduced span fins to suit low dead rise hulls, to highly efficient high aspect ratio fins, NAIAD can supply the right fin for any application. Custom NAIAD fins include high performance articulating flap fins, which feature a unique internal linkage system to automatically adjust the trailing edge flap for optimum hydrodynamic performance, and expandable fins that provide increased fin area when operating At Rest, and retract when operating underway.
NAIAD Retractable Fin Installation: The world's first application of high aspect ratio flapped fins in a GRP hull.

Custom Materials. NAIADís custom fin capabilities extend well beyond fin size and configuration. Fins fabricated of advanced composites employing Kevlar and/or carbon fiber are available in addition to custom GRP, steel and stainless steel fin structures. 

Contact us to have fins optimized to suit your vesselís needs.

USCG High Speed Parabolic Wedge Steel Fin