Reliable low noise fixed displacement hydraulic vane pumps are supplied standard on NAIAD Models 162, 174, 252, and 254. Much more efficient than gear pumps, these premium quality pumps are physically small relative to their output power. They easily mount to your main engine, marine gear, or other power source. Rotation, keyed or splined shaft, and SAE A or B flange configurations are in stock to match vessel requirements.

Pressure compensated axial piston pumps of the highest quality are supplied standard on all mid range and larger NAIAD Systems (model 302 and above). These pumps automatically vary flow to match hydraulic demand for high efficiency and minimal power consumption resulting in substantially cooler operating temperatures and long component life. All rotation, shaft, and flange configurations are available to match vessel requirements.

All NAIAD pumps may be provided pre-assembled to a highly efficient Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled AC electric motor in 50 or 60Hz. These power packages are supplied with a soft starter to minimize inrush current during start-up. Specify shipís voltage, phase and frequency.

Reservoir Modules

Every NAIAD stabilizer system includes a reservoir module of the highest quality. Built and designed to exacting standards, NAIAD reservoir modules have earned the trust and respect of the commercial marine and yachting industries for over three decades. Every NAIAD reservoir module includes standard features that are normally costly upgrades elsewhere or otherwise not available.
  • All aluminum construction with buffed welds results in an attractive, rust free unit.
  • Internal heat exchangers featuring copper nickel tubes provide exceptionally effective oil cooling without corrosion or biological fouling.
  • Designed as a complete system from the beginning, each reservoir module is carefully crafted to provide ultimate fluid conditioning performance in the absolute smallest package. Engine room space consumption and the systemís oil volume are substantially reduced.
  • Optimized internal baffle designs enhance oil cooling and accelerate separation of entrained air.
  • Constructed of the finest materials and components available for consistent trouble-free performance.
  • Aesthetically pleasing designs and marine epoxy coated to provide a life-long handsome appearance.
  • Each reservoir thoroughly factory tested.
  • SAE straight thread o-ring ports (or BSPP) used throughout. No leaky pipe threads, compound or joint tape.
  • Supplied complete with male flare fittings for leak-free pressure connections and easy hydraulic plumbing attachments.
Fluid Conditioner Reservoir Module 
(models 162- 254)

All aluminum welded vertical cylindrical design to minimize surface effects, 3 micron pressure filter with dirt indicator, SAE o-ring ports, suction strainer, magnetic drain plug, internal high capacity copper-nickel heat exchanger, electric fluid level and temperature sensors, sight glass, cast and precision machined anodized aluminum integral manifold with compound two-stage relief valve and directional valve. High yacht-quality fit and finish. A highly functional, handsome addition to any engine room! 

Higher Capacity Reservoir Module 
(models 302 and above)

All aluminum rectangular design with buffed and polished welds, SAE o-ring ports, magnetic drain plug, internal high capacity copper-nickel heat exchanger, electric fluid level and temperature sensors, sight glass, precision machined anodized aluminum integral manifold with top quality cartridge style relief valve and directional valves. High yacht-quality fit and finish. A high capacity, compact and elegantly engineered assembly!  

Hydraulic Power Packs

Naiad designed power packs contain everything required to supply hydraulic power to a stabilizer or integrated hydraulic system. Because it operates independent from the main engine(s), it is an ideal solution for Stabilization AtRest systems. Each power pack contains one or two electric motors with hydraulic pumps(s), an ample reservoir, fluid filtration and cooling, control valves, electronic fluid sensors, and a hydraulic noise silencer all in an attractive package with high yacht-quality fit and finish.

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