A multitude of options are available for your NAIAD Stabilizer System.

Some options are designed to EASE INSTALLATION such as:
  • Hull reinforcing blocks and stainless steel bolting and doubler plate kits for fin actuator installation in GRP hulls.
  • Weldable steel or aluminum hull inserts provide a central structural member for hull reinforcement. Classification Society approved if required.
  • AC electric motor pump drive packages.
  • Hydraulic Power Packs.
  • Hydraulic system cooling water pumps are available with either electric or hydraulic driven motors.

Some options are designed to ENHANCE SYSTEM PERFORMANCE such as:

  • The DATUM three-term electronic control for enhanced performance in a wide range of sea conditions, especially following seas. Adaptive feature enables the system to self-learn and automatically adjust sensitivity settings as sea conditions and vessel headings change.

  • The Stabilization AtRest™ (at anchor) feature provides roll reduction using the stabilizer fins while the vessel is anchored in a harbor (available only with DATUM controlled systems).
  • The Auto Lock option hydraulically locks the fins in center automatically whenever the engine is not in forward gear, and when the system is turned off.
  • The Center Lock option (standard on models 302 and larger, and included in Auto Lock) hydraulically locks the fins at center whenever the Center command is pressed.
  • Centering cylinders (models 621 and larger) can be added in place of centering screws for easy manual fin centering. Includes a hydraulic hand pump.

Some options are designed to provide MORE CONTROL or SYSTEM INFORMATION such as:

  • Auxiliary control panels for both MultiSea II and DATUM controls allow system monitoring and operation from the flybridge, or any other location.
  • Remote Pressure Gauge Kits for system operating pressure monitoring.
  • The full color Touch Screen option used in conjunction with the DATUM electronic control allows stabilizer control and system parameter monitoring in a graphical user interface.

Contact us for further options, specifications or details.