You sold me the Naiad 174’s with 6.0 ft2 fins earlier this year to stick in my Selene 42EU.

Those fins are life changing and marriage saving.  I just returned from a very angry Pacific ocean (off Santa Rosa island in short period, waves off the quarter, tall enough to bury the bow).  They work just flawlessly.  It’s a completely different boat. 

Most impressive."
- Owner, 42 foot Selene M/Y

"Good morning John,

It was good to see you at the Monaco Yacht Show and after our meeting I got to thinking about our experience with our fins and thruster. As I think we discussed the equipment was supplied by you in 1995 and has been in continuous service since then. The overall reliability has been great and the very low maintenance overhead a great boon to our operation. The thruster underwater unit has never even been opened; although as we approach 18 years in service I think we'll do that at our next refit, albeit more out of curiosity than perceived need. The fins are the same, we changed the seals in 2007 but only because the shafts were pulled at ABS's request for inspection.  

The performance has been all we could have asked for as well. In April 2001 we came round Ushant in 20ft following seas and the ride was very comfortable. Since fitting the Datum upgrade in 2002 we reckon the ride has improved and the Adaptive mode makes it much easier to tune the system for varying conditions – although I appreciate the capability of changing the settings manually from time to time.

However, for me, the nicest thing about the Naiad experience has been the excellent support we have received from your good selves. When the yard in Palma was having problems installing the Datum upgrade your Dutch office sent a technician down who sorted things out in very short order.... As we operate in the Red Sea with no local support it has always been a comfort to be able to ring or email you guys and Vic in Florida and Roger in Holland have been enthusiastic and knowledgeable whenever we have checked in with them. Thank you!"
- Steven Thomas, Captain, 38m Sensation Yacht

"NAIAD STABILIZATION SYSTEM: YOU CAN’T DO WITHOUT IT! INDEPENDENCE is equipped with a special ZERO SPEED stabilization systems, taking care of “ comfort” during navigation but also on anchorage. For this purpose, the “wings” which are installed in the hull, are larger: 1. 20 mtrs long, while the standard wings for such boats are 80 cm long. This makes the yacht extremely stable during rough seas. In the Med, weather conditions can vary by the hour. A storm can take off within some minutes. For this reason, yachtsmen in this area stay close to the coast. With INDEPENDENCE long journeys, through rough area’s, can be made without a problem. The ZERO SPEED ANCHORAGE system can be activated below 3.5 Kn: it is a very useful add-on as we have experienced. It is often difficult to find (affordable) mooring space in marinas during the summer so you have to stay outside. "

"All systems were severely tested, sometimes in rough circumstances. The Naiad zero speed stabilization system functioned extremely well, together with the main engines’ PTO or, at anchorage, in combination with the hydraulic power take off of the Whisper 25."

"The first trip started 29 april, a round trip Punta Ala – Porto Ercole – Cala Calaera – Isola Granutti (one night on anchorage) – Isola Giglio (no place in Harbour) – Porto Stefano – Porto Azzurro at Elba - Punta Ala, and ended 4 May. The sea was very rough during some very brief storms, but INDEPENDENCE did well thanks to the stabilizers."

"We were advised by the authorities not to leave the harbour on Sunday 21 as a precaution against the high seas: waves were still up to three meters high. As we had to go back to Holland, we decided to leave the harbour late Sunday afternoon. We had a rough sea, but INDEPENDENCE did great: smooth, stabile, waves were broken by the bow, this A-class yacht can stand severe ocean storms. Naiad stabilizers made the ride comfortable."
- From the Captain's Blog of M/Y Independence, one of the first vessels of its size (55 ft. / 17m) equipped with a Naiad Stabilization at Anchor system Read more here.

"....we were on a trip from Ft Lauderdale to Grand Rivers KY. On the leg from Marathon FL to Boca Grande FL (Saturday) the stabilizers stopped working. We pulled into Ft Myers hoping to find a Mechanic, with no luck Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning. Finally on Sunday afternoon I decided to call the Naiad 800 number...... Within 30 minutes I received a return call from Vic Kuzmovich ......His quick response on a Sunday, knowledge of the set up on our model boat, and interest in helping solve our problem was just awesome.....

In January 2011 I was having an issue with my stabilizers showing a slight elevation in operating temp. I called and talked with Matt Fisher..... Matt felt the cooling coil must be partially blocked and gave me a procedure to clear. His diagnosis of the problem was very correct and the repair procedure fixed the problem.

PS - our boat name is Moon Shine, and in the future I will make sure any boat I have has Naiad Stabilizers."
- Ken Crutcher, Owner, MV Moon Shine

"I am an owner of a Hatteras Motor Yacht that has a Naiad Stabilizer System that was installed when the yacht was new. I have owned the yacht for 6 years and have not had any trouble with the stabilizer until a recent trip to the Bahamas. I missed the stabilizer greatly on my return trip home and vowed to get it fixed promptly upon my return.
I called your office in Ft Lauderdale, FL to see how I might go about getting it repaired....
Vic assisted me in determining the problem and adjusting the equipment back to running condition. He was great to work with and really understands this equipment but mostly he knows how to talk to your customers.
I can say without reservation, any yacht that I ever own will have a NAIAD Stabilizer System in it, not necessarily because it is the best on the market but because of personnel like Vic that work for your company.

Thanks from a very satisfied customer."
- Robert W. Grooms, owner Hatteras M/Y

"I was not very optimistic about fins stabilizing a vessel at anchor. During a sea trial I became a believer when we anchored off Palm Beach with a 4' north ground swell and 15 knots of east wind. The difference was noticeable when the fins were centered or active to everyone on board. The owner noticed the difference when they performed well anchored off North Eluthera and the fast ferry went by without knocking everything off the counter tops. The installers did a great job with a clean and organized system. We gained HP with the bow thruster and the mains can power the thruster now if we ever have a genset PTO problem. Thank you everyone at NAIAD for doing a good job."
- Captain Dan Davidson, MY Azucar on their recent S@A upgrade

"Tomaso and the tech Luca did a fantastic job. They did take very good care of us. You can recommend them to any yacht."
- Captain Laura Tritch, MY Marlena

"With all the problems we've had we've had a lot of exposure to warranty service. As we've told you all, we think you guys have been great but I wanted to also mention Naiad & Naiad of Miami. We had a failure of the port stabilizer & Vic at the Miami service center did his best to help me fix it by phone but when it became clear a new potentiometer (I think I had one of those when I was younger) was needed I feared, this being Fri, we'd be stuck in Nassau over the weekend at least. Luckily for us, Vic just called to say he'd been able to book the last seat to Nassau for tomorrow (Sat.) and would have a man here by about 10. Boy does that mean a lot to us.

So kudos to Vic, Naiad and all who have helped us along the way. Thank you from the Chapins!"
- Owners, MY Moon Beam

"Great, thank you Vic, it's a refreshing change to use a company that provides good service!! I have obviously spent too much time in the carribean."
- Captain, MY Sea Bird

"The present Naiad Dynamics system has been installed on M/Y New Master at Amico Yard in Genoa on winter 2005.... At the end of the job, once the boat was back in the water, I congratulated everybody (the Yard and Samos, Naiad Dynamics dealer in Italy) for the excellent job and maximum care even down to the tiniest details. Right after the first sea trials, my original skepticism about the potential of the S@A system vanished and I quickly became amazingly astonished by how the new Naiad stabilization system was able to stop New Master from rolling even at half load.
During the first cruise to Portofino with the Owner, in April right after Easter, the sea state was quite rough with a south-easterly wind of about 20Kt and 1 m waves and we were right out the Portofino Bay moored on anchor. The fins worked perfectly and we were having just some pitch and no roll! After a couple of hours I asked the Owner to join me on the bridge and ask him to push the "CENTER" the fins button on the fin's display to stop the fins. After less than 1 minute we were heavily rolling from 8° to 10°. We switched the system back ON and the boat immediately stopped rolling!!!!
Finally the Owner told me: " The conversion of the system was quite a big job, but you Captain advised me at that time that we would have no more sleepless nights moored out of the ports, and you were right! Now this Naiad S@A system extends, big time, the comfort and the "usability" of the boat even in bad weather conditions. Thank you very much from my family and myself"

I didn't say a word ( the Captain recalls) and I thought: "Thank God I guided him towards the right decision, thanks Naiad, thanks Samos..."
- Captain Gino Bellomo (c.l.c.), 150' Baglietto, MY New Master

"I wanted to take the time to inform you that your Naiad Service Department is Superb. I have seldom had the experience when trying to resolve a problem with older installed equipment to work with such cooperative and knowledgeable employees, not to mention the company that hired and employs them.... I want to thank you again for service I would rate as a 10 out of 10."
- Captain Richard J. Witting Sr.

"Active stabilizers, such as the Naiad with Datum Controller on the Selene, take most of the drama out of heavy-weather cruising. I noticed their effect as soon as we left the harbor. The 53 heeled the tiniest bit from taking the wind on the beam, but the seas didn't disturb her composure. The skipper made a series of long turns to port and starboard, letting the system check roll. A small display on the Naiad's control head graphically showed the fins at work, pivoting like flippers on a pinball game. All of us were surprised at how quickly they responded. When we disengaged the stabilizers, the 53 heeled outboard predictably and gently with each turn. The adpative mode of the Naiad system lets the computer learn the boat's characteristics in a variety of sea states. Neat. "
- Excerpt from Yachting Magazine article 10-13-08, by Dennis Caprio

"The owner has just been "thrilled to bits" with the way the vessel performs now especially in these rolly Caribbean anchorages...There was no better illustration of this than yesterday when we anchored in Colombier Bay in St Barths which is notorious for being an anchorage very much subject to the vagaries of swell and surge. MY Noble House came to anchor behind us and managed to make the boss quite queasy watching them roll around while he dined with his guests on the skydeck on our now very stable yacht..... To that point I think he had underestimated their effect on our performance. "
- Captain Garrath Getley, Benetti MY, Paradigm  

"I wanted to give you an update on the performance of the stabilization at anchor system. We've been in NYC where there is always lots of surge, swells and wakes here at the docks... We first tried it at a floating dock and it was amazing! It instantly reduced our motion considerably while we watched all the other boats continue to roll and surge. Freedom remained quite calm as the floating dock continued to move enough where some of our guests didn't want to walk down the dock... I would highly recommend this upgrade to any yacht who would be docked here for an extended period. It makes a dramatic difference.... We've not experienced any reduction in boat speed either, which is pleasing. Thanks again to you and all your technicians for an outstanding job!"
- Clyde Peabody, Fleet Engineer on 130' Westport MY Freedom S@A upgrade

“We would have quit boating long ago if it wasn’t for NAIAD Stabilizers…”
- Captain, Chuck Spriggs, DeFever MY, Turtle Two 

“I don’t leave the dock unless the stabilizers & autopilot are working…”
- Owner, Vernon Brunelle, 50 foot DeFever, Omega

“Our search for the boat we bought was predicated on having NAIAD Stabilizers, and that’s no buffalo chips…”
– Owner, Ormsby Mcknight, 48 foot Hatteras, Baderio

“With my NAIAD Bow Thruster I can dock in any slip, any time…”
- Owner, Myles Megdal, 47 foot Sabreline, Raven

“Very reliable, little maintenance required, NAIAD Stabilizers makes for a real comfortable ride.”
- Captain, Dick Young, 122 foot Delta, Intent 

"We left Seattle on the 6th for San Diego… The weather was fine and we rounded the sea buoy at Flattery about 4:00-5:00pm or so, the US Coast Guard issued a Security for Flattery that there was a gale forecast for that evening with 25 to 30 knot of wind from the south east causing 4 to 5ft wind seas off the port bow. They also advised that there would be 16ft ocean swells coming in from the west, right on our beam. We were out there and we all agreed to continue on. After dark, maybe around 7:00 to 8:00 that evening, the weather hit and it was all that they predicted… We saw no one that evening, we were 30 miles out and it was quite lonely. The NAIADs saved the day - they were unbelievable. We would get broadsided with a big roller and those fins would just snap us right back… We picked up Grays Harbor Coast Guard, closed. Astoria was also closed to all private vessels and they advised they would not come in the event of trouble… We clocked 38 knots that evening but the NAIADs kept us right on track with the Robertson Autopilot."
- Owner, Charles Latimer, 70 foot Delta, Princess Mary

"I can't sing your praises enough for committing to such a big job in such a short period of time and pulling the job together in such a professional manner… Once again, thanks to all the boys and the team at Naiad. You have a customer for life. Well done."
- Captain Garrath Getley, Benetti MY, Paradigm

“I recently had the good fortune to sell and install an HPS 16 SHT bow thruster for a customer in San Diego. We had a tight deadline…thanks to the swift and professional juggling act of Tom Russell and David Yish, we were able to… complete it on time. All of the equipment arrived when it was promised and the thruster worked flawlessly right out of the box. The customer is very happy. I would like to thank your great staff for the extra effort they made on my behalf. Tom, David, Roger, Stacy and Nancy all worked to make this project a great success. Hats off to you and your fine staff. Kind regards,”
- Chris Fonteneau, Fonteneau Yacht Repair, CA

“The purpose of this letter is to let you know how pleased we were with the responsiveness to our problems, and by the follow up performed by Mr. Kuzmovich. Any company can look good when all goes as planned. It is when things go wrong that you find out how much integrity a company has. Vic could not have been more helpful with our problem and we are very happy with the end results.”
- Owner, James R. Treadwell, 52 foot Highstar


"We have NAIAD stabilizers fitted to our Selene 48, “Adagio”. On a recent 1200 nm trip from Adelaide, South Australia to the offshore island in the Southern Ocean we ran into typical Southern Ocean weather. For two days we had 3 to 4 meter swells from the SW to SSW combined with 2 to 2.5 meter seas and 25 to 38 knots of wind from the SE to SSE.

Although they are an older system with HMG controller the NAIADS performed without fault. The stability of the boat was remarkable with no roll to speak of. My crew gave full marks to the NAIADS with them passing the ultimate test, not even the bottles of hair shampoo falling off the shelves in the showers alcoves!

I am now seriously considering upgrading to the new control system but I find it hard to believe a significant improvement could be made.

I can highly recommend the system and would not be without it."
- Steve, Owner, M/Y Adagio


“Thanks to you we are all breathing a sigh of relief…To say that we were in a jam...is an understatement. A small company such as ours lives or dies by its reputation. If we have been forced to turn those customers away our reputation would have suffered terribly. When I called you… you explained how busy everyone was but you would see what you could do. Boy!! Did you ever come through for us. Vic sends a terrific guy, Charles, up from Florida to work side by side with my trainee. You send Roger David and Tom Walther down from Connecticut. All these guys worked their hearts out way past closing time in the worst summer heat and humidity that Maryland is so known for… who shows up but my personal favorite engineer of all time, Anthony Cannella with Dave Fennell in tow. John, I can’t over-emphasize just how hard these guys worked, how impressed my customer was and most importantly, how appreciative we are for what you and your crew did for us. NAIAD has always been a terrific product that we have been proud to represent. We now know just how fine the people are behind that product. Thanks again for such terrific support.”
- Christopher H. Washburn, Washburn’s Boat Yard, Inc., MD

“We installed NAIAD stabilizers on our Lord Nelson Victory Tug in the spring of 1995 and then left for a 4 week cruise to the St. John River in New Brunswick. Since then our feeling is “don’t leave home without them”. They have made a tremendous difference in our cruising comfort and therefore have extended our range and ability to use our boat on more days when we normally would have stayed in port. We have cruised for two summers now and not one cup of coffee has spilled while underway and we do not use any holders. My wife writes the log underway at our salon table.”
- Owner, Bob Gracia, Barbara Mae

“I did a very thorough investigation as to which brand I would invest in. While there are many competitors of NAIAD in the market, the quality of NAIAD’s support for their systems stood out among all others. While it seemed to work, there was a flaw in the functionality of the stabilizers that was not evident until I took the boat home (7-hour trip). Engineering Manager for NAIAD Marine… addressed the problem with the tenacity and business prowess that most others wish they had…. the system is complete and ready to be enjoyed by a happy NAIAD customer. …after witnessing the outstanding service and dedication of Anthony Cannella and NAIAD Marine, I will be a NAIAD customer for life. I will continue to recommend NAIAD to every boater I come in contact with as well as have NAIAD stabilizers on every boat I own.
-Owner, Randy Snowman, 40 foot Pacemaker, Abominable Snowman

… “I have been meaning to drop you a note… to let you know how happy we are with the stabilizers. The stabilizers have made a tremendous difference in our cruising comfort. One thing that we hadn’t realized was the fact that at the end of a long day’s run, we are not as tired as we used to be because we haven’t had to hang on all day. Every once in awhile we turn the stabilizers off for a couple of minutes to check the difference with and without, and they sure make a difference. I wish we had had then installed years earlier…we sure love those NAIADs.”
-Owner, B.B. Snyder, Jr.

“I would like to take a moment to commend the two installers who worked on my vessel. The installation of the hydraulic equipment was well thought out as was the hydraulic hose layout and wiring, which were installed in a very professional and tidy manner. When push came to shove, they were there, working long hours to accomplish my needs. At sea trial, the units performed to my expectations and, although this letter is being written with a short sampling of your product, we anticipate many years of enjoyment on this investment. Please feel free to include us as a reference for potential clients who may wish to speak to an actual owner and user. Also, please extend our appreciation to your service manager and your installers.“
- Owner, Dennis Almendares, Tribute 

“I just thought I would let you know that the NAIAD stabilizers recently installed at the New Gretna facility at the Viking on my fifty-foot yacht perform marvelously. We had it in reasonably large seas just recently over a three-hour run and I could not believe the difference in performance… The product is great.”
- Owner, 50 foot Viking, Solicitor

“Both my wife and I were highly impressed with the commitment to your product and the desire for customer satisfaction shown to us… these men had taken time away from their families on a Saturday… extremely professional and highly knowledgeable…”
- Owner, 67 foot Hatteras, Toothtaker

“… you have a great product that makes boating a much more comfortable experience.”
- Owner, H. Suckno, 43 foot Hatteras, Keilind

“Words cannot express my enthusiasm and admiration for my new NAIAD stabilizers. It is by far the best investment I have made on my boat. I only wish I had made this move years ago… they have changed my whole concept of pleasure boating.”
- Owner, John Davidson, Television Personality, Principia

“… very impressed and very appreciative of the excellent service you and your company provided…More than satisfied with the excellent performance of the NAIAD stabilizers… and now also a big fan of the support…”
- Owner, 58 foot Hatteras

“I want to thank you very much for your help and I can promise you that my next boat (124 foot Delta) will also use NAIAD stabilizers.”
-Owner, 98 foot Broward, Jami
(now owns his 5th yacht equipped with NAIAD stabilizers)

Adscape is a new yacht, stable, responsive and faster. With the NAIAD system, it steps over waves which used to roll the boat badly. Now I don’t need to find another wife. This wife has found confidence in the Adscape, thanks to NAIAD. I will miss the enjoyment of looking for a new wife. The NAIAD’s are cheaper than paying for the old wife and the down payment for a new one.”
- Owner, P. Barr, 44 foot DeFever, Adscape

“…everything went smoothly and we are pleased to inform you that the system you supplied operates with great efficiency. This was a first NAIAD installation for Azur Services... we must admit we were impressed by the quality of the product… Since the NAIADs operate, the boat owner enjoys it every minute.”
- J. Arestan, Azur Services, St. Laurent France

“It is very rare for me to be writing to a company to praise their cooperation and service… I wish to highly applaud your efforts…”
- Owner, 48 foot Hatteras, Diamond Lady

“We have just returned from a 700nm voyage from Charlevoix to the North Channel and Georgian Bay and return, with flawless performance from our new NAIAD Stabilizers. This system really works – the lamps do not need to be put in safe places, the fruit stays on the table, and my wife does not walk like a sailor after a week on the boat… I will not have another boat without NAIADs!”
- Owner, 42 foot Grand Banks, So Grand

“The excellent workmanship and quality of your systems is consistent with our vessels. We know our client will be satisfied whenever a NAIAD system is specified and installed.”
- Managing Director of a leading boat builder, Holland

“I would not hesitate to recommend this system (NAIAD 160) to my closest friend.”
- Owner, 44 foot DeFever, HaiMar

“… Please provide the shipyard (in Norway) with contact names and their responsibilities so they can become familiar with the organization that I have come to know is very reliable and clearly the best in the business.”
-Very high profile agent for megayacht construction projects

“…can’t tell you how pleased I am with the roll reduction… my wife didn’t even like the boat until I had your stabilizers installed… We’d never have a boat without NAIAD’s again.”
- Owner, 42 foot Grand Banks Trawler

“I'm glad to hear that the order for the NAIAD retractable stabilizers has been placed. It has been my conviction that this is the right equipment for the yacht in question, and that higher cost over the non-retractable fins will be well invested.”
- J.B. Hargrave Naval Architects, Inc.

“Having been in boating most of my life, I was truly amazed by the stabilization obtained when for the first time I had the pleasant experience of putting your stabilizers into action in the Gulf Stream in 6-8 foot seas and saw the instant settling down of Hi-Ho Silver right under my legs.”
- Owner, 61 foot Hatteras, Hi-Ho Silver, owner with more that 50 years yachting experience

“…writing to tell you how pleased I am with your stabilizers... the owners cannot get over the difference in roll reduction between our new NAIAD’s and the new [other] system they replaced… would’ve saved a lot of money if I listened to my friends in the first place... now I am a real believer in stabilizers –NAIAD’s!”
- Captain, custom-built 100 foot motoryacht

“… they require almost no attention and we have close to 10,000 hours on them…”
- Owner, first NAIAD series 300 installation, William I

“When you’re living aboard a cruising vessel for 16 months and underway virtually every day to cover a total of some 16,000 miles, the last thing you want is a vessel that rolls in the slightest sea. On Americas Odyssey’s Cruise of the Americas, our NAIAD stabilizers did a superb job of reducing roll to an absolute minimum. On the run from Aruba to the San Blas Islands of Panama, we encountered 40-knot winds and 20 to 25 foot following seas for about 28 hours. During that run especially, the NAIAD’s played a major role in keeping the vessel on her feet. I would not cruise a displacement or semi-displacement vessel offshore without them.”
-Captain Sid Stapleton, 49 foot Grand Banks, Americas Odyssey

“… those things are amazing, they really do a great job… never had any problems, I just think after so many hours it must be time to have someone take a look at them…”
- Owner, 65 foot motoryacht in Maine

“Jack told us how happy he is with the fin stabilizers on Felicity. The NAIAD system adds tremendously to the comfort factor while under way, especially in beam seas, and he enjoys watching two boats cruising in company when one is stabilized and the other is not. He would not leave home without them.”
- Excerpt from PassageMaker Magazine, Fall, 1996 from Jack and Virginia Bartels, Felicity

“It has always been a pleasure to do business with you and your firm.”
- Mr. Khiem Nguyen, Chief Engineer, Christensen Shipyards.

“We chose NAIAD because your reliability and track record is second to none… NAIAD is a mainstay of the marine industry.”
- Owner, 110 foot custom sailing yacht, Venturosa

“I have waited to write this letter until we had some real sea time to test the NAIAD stabilizer system... now have run nearly 1000 miles which included several hundred miles in rough seas… we had [another] stabilizer which had given us a great deal of trouble and proved to be very unreliable… the new system works far better… crossing from the island to San Juan, Puerto Rico, we were able to run within 20°-30° of the trough in approximately 10 foot seas with both comfort and safety, which is something we could never do with the previous system… we are extremely pleased…”
- Owner, 50 foot Ocean Trawler, La Buena Vida

“Most of the cruisers we design now install stabilizers, and even old salts are enthusiastic about how well they reduce rolling. The brand people seem to use most is NAIAD, in fact almost exclusively.”
- R. Edwin Monk, P.E. Edwin Monk & Son Naval Architects, WA



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