All NAIAD thruster control packages feature a main electronic enclosure for simple installation. The thruster system can be easily fitted with numerous control locations for convenient thruster operation. For both hydraulic and AC electric systems, the control package can be supplied with our fully variable (Proportional) feature which provides total thrust control by permitting the output of the thruster to be throttled using our joystick by the operator. The heart of the proportional control is a PLC, which is programmed to suit the application and is often configured to encompass many ancillary hydraulic shipboard systems.



Our high efficiency reservoir assemblies feature a unique hydraulic baffling system and consume minimal engine room space. System interconnections such as hydraulic fluid supply, filtration, and cooling, are conveniently located for easy installation and service. Unlike less sophisticated systems, our proven hydraulic control manifold assemblies are engineered, manufactured and tested in our own state-of-the-art facility and include all necessary valves for easy installation. Moreover, our manifolds have significantly fewer hydraulic interconnections and potential leakage points. 
The hydraulic requirements of NAIAD thrusters are carefully matched with the vesselís available power and hydraulic pump drive options. Typical drive options include main engine, genset, and marine transmission Power Take Offs. NAIAD thrusters are supplied with the highest quality hydraulic pumps in an array of types & configurations including Fixed Displacement, Pressure Compensated and Load-Sensing. 
Thruster hydraulic pumps may be utilized to supply other shipboard hydraulic equipment, and controlled and packaged in a complete NAIAD Integrated Hydraulic System. Most of these systems feature axial piston Load-Sensing hydraulic pumps, which continuously vary hydraulic flow and pressure to precisely match the demand of the equipment being driven. In this way, maximum efficiency is achieved (least power consumption and heat generation). 

All NAIAD Thrusters and Integrated Hydraulic Systems are fully tested in our modern facility prior to delivery (Testing & Research).